Newsletter Program

Our Newsletter publications support automotive recycling associations in currently eight states and is growing!

Since 1992, we R.J. McClellan, Inc. have prided ourselves on providing quality magazines and newsletters that serve our readers, the associations and our advertisers interests.

Sheila Cain

We believe that the automotive recycling newsletters have fit nicely into our publishing efforts and utilize more of our resources

Readers of the newsletter will have a resource for:

  • All the contact information for the association board and representatives.
  • A listing of the direct and associate members of the association.
  • Updates and announcements of the association's activities, legislative efforts, and member activities.
  • Articles of interests about fellow recyclers or suppliers, good business practices, and environmental concerns.
  • An opportunity for you to provide articles to express your concerns or promote your good business practices

The newsletter provides the Association with a tool for:

  • Keeping their members and every other recycler in the state up to date on association activities.
  • Promoting good business and environmental practices through articles and newsletters content.
  • Promoting the association to all the recyclers in the state and in doing so, it becomes a membership-building tool.
  • Furthering the association's industry and legislative interests through articles keeping recyclers informed and encouraging involvement.

All at no charge to the association. Our job is to help your association grow and succeed! Let us know if we can help your association.

As an Advertiser, the newsletter provides you with:

  • A reading audience that is interested in the content and advertisers in the newsletter.
  • A way to reach every licensed recycler in the state every other month with your products and services.
  • An advertising venue in which you do not share the page with another advertiser. Since the newsletters are designed to be content based, not ad based, there are not any "ad pages" for the reader to skip over.
  • Yet another way you can support the associations and in the industry.

Contact us today to place an ad. Our prices are very reasonable and you'll be putting your advertising dollars to work where they will be effective.


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